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December 7, 2012
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Hermes Presentation CD by AlanRalph Hermes Presentation CD by AlanRalph
Promotional & Marketing CD
Client: Hermès
Project Timeframe: 2009

I was asked by the client to produce a promotional and marketing CD to showcase their wares. The brief was for the end-user to be able to browse the various product ranges, and download either low-resolution web-ready or high-resolution print-ready versions of the images to their computer according to need.

I was supplied with a large number of high-resolution product photos. From these, high- and low-resolution images were generated and catalogued, then for each product a set of thumbnail images were generated for both gallery and single page views. Finally, gallery pages were generated, along with navigation links and online help. Both online and offline testing was undertaken by myself and the client to ensure that navigation and display worked as expected, prior to the final CD master being created.

From top to bottom:
  1. The main menu screen. The product ranges and the 'Help' link were setup to turn the company's signature orange when the mouse pointer was placed over them.

  2. The Help screen illustrates the navigation and operation of the CD content.

  3. One of the product range gallery pages. As some of the product photos were in portrait rather than landscape ratio, care was taken to ensure that the thumbnail images were cropped to show as much of the product as possible.
    The subtitling underneath each thumbnail was a challenge due to the length of some of the descriptions.
    The left and right arrows at the bottom of each gallery page allowed the end-user to cycle through all the product ranged.

  4. Clicking on a thumbnail image in the product range gallery pages would bring up a page containing a large thumbnail image plus download links. I also added a link on each of these pages in case the end-user wasn't sure how to save a product photo to their computer. (The high- and low-resolution photos opened in a separate window).
    The left and right arrows underneath the thumbnail image allowed the end-user to cycle through each product photo individually, should they desire.

  5. I created a special page to help out end-users who wanted to know how to download the product photos to their computer

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