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Hauser Bears - Gallery Selection Screen by AlanRalph Hauser Bears - Gallery Selection Screen by AlanRalph
Hauser Bears
Multimedia presentation CD
Client: Hauser Bears
Project Timeframe: May 2010

From their home page :

"Hauser Bears is a charitable organisation committed to the conservation and welfare of bears worldwide and particularly targets the issues of bear bile farming in South East Asia, poaching for body parts and bears trapped in the entertainment trade."

The client approached us with a requirement for a CD to send out to the press and other interested parties, to show and explain their work and why people should give their support to the project.

I was supplied with photos, videos and logo artwork, and asked to model the CD menu system as closely as possible to their website in terms of colours, backgrounds, buttons, etc.

I went through a couple of online mock-ups of the menu front-end with the client prior to them signing off on the final CD contents. These were then duplicated in-house, using the charity's logo on a grey background for the CD artwork.

The gallery selection screen. The red warning text was required because the images in the second gallery depicted bears in China who were caged and farmed for their bile - some of the images supplied were not for the faint of heart.

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December 6, 2012
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