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December 6, 2012
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Dorec-A-Belle - Vinyl CD design by AlanRalph Dorec-A-Belle - Vinyl CD design by AlanRalph
Mixed content audio/video CD mastering, vinyl-effect CDs & special card wallets.
Client: Dorec-A-Belle
Project Timeframe: March 2012

Dorec-A-Belle are a all-female quartet from Scotland. They approached us to produce a sampler CD package that mimicked a traditional vinyl single, complete with a card wallet that had a hole cut in the front to allow the disc 'label' to be seen. Unlike a standard audio CD, this sampler would also have a bonus video included that could be played on a PC.

They asked that the design and colour scheme match up with that of their website as much as possible, and supplied us with some sample pictures and the sources for the audio and video. I personally oversaw the creation and mastering of the audio/video CD, as well as the creation of the artwork for both the vinyl CD and the card wallet.

This is the digital proof for the vinyl-effect CD - the artwork is contained within the red areas, the rest of the disc being coated with black plastic and embossed around the outside for the vinyl look (and feel). As you can see, space was at a premium on the printable area of the disc, and the addition of a mock stacking ring and inner ring (to make the authentic vinyl single look complete) meant that the artwork had to be kept fairly simple. The discs were printed in-house on an automated offset-print CD printer.

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